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Did you know that all ideas, big or small, come from a source known as The Dream Seed? It gives birth to all realities, stories, futures, and pasts. It is the greatest power in the infinity of space and time and should always be left alone.. It’s scientific, it’s magical, it’s religious. It’s everything and nothing. All creating and all collapsing and in seconds entire universes are created and ended. It always seems so rare to find, but to The DreamWorld, it is under the very grass they walk on.

In this Universe, the planets, the stars and its many dimensions, exist purely to keep a certain planet that houses this dream seed from waking up. This planet is stuck in a persistent vegetative state because of a horrible accident that once happened in a now forgotten ancient time. Yet, still it vibrates a conscious energy frequency known as the Dream Wave. Even if many don’t know they live on a sleeping planet, there are some bad and mischievous characters who do. Some will do anything to destroy the planet for its source, but there is one little being with no name or origin who is more mysterious than lore itself. She is an imp known simply as Cheetah Baby, she is all powerful and is always roaming the stars in search of fun and creating chaos.

This time though, she may have gone too far…

Cheetah Baby

Hijacking the DreamWave for her amusement, Cheetah Baby has collided the DreamWorld into the blockchain and tangled it with a Dream Seed that’s too big and too complicated to unravel. Every character has become mixed and mashed in a sea of powerful ideas and spells. Whirling and twirling with no escape in sight. Corrupting the very core of the Save Crystal, which backs up all data.

Even though The DreamWorld seems to always be one step away from destruction by dragons, demons, aliens, robots, mythical creatures, and people gaining immense power from an energy known as eXp, it doesn’t matter, because our heroes, their allies, and its citizens always find a way!

But wait, why are our heroes ducks?

Oh no… and Apes..
Dear god and Dogs..

If this has all been amalgamated, can it be saved?

Well, there is a common currency, that many know of as β€œDEED” in the DreamWorld, that is in the bleed of all this mess right now. It seems to have mixed with something in the blockchain, making it stronger and more valuable. Even during such a chaotic time, the planet is secreting it. Does It want to be saved? No, The DreamWorld wants to rescue its inhabitants from the cosmic games of Cheetah Baby! This will be the currency that keeps this fever dream from cementing. It is the cure! With this, many new adventures are waiting to be found in this new world! There is hope!


Dream Seed


Staking reward
It has no value
source: trust me bro πŸ’€

Total Supply




Inspired by BAYC



Inspired by SupDucks



Inspired by The Doge Pound



Inspired by Boryoku Dragonz



Inspired by CryptoPunks


Phase 1

Mint phase of WEASTs

Phase 2

Mint phase of WUMANs

Phase 3

Staking Available

Phase 4

Phygital Battle Cards + Marketplace

Phase 6

Launch of an NFT Trading Card Game

Phase 7

Lukso Metaverse integration


Each collection are entitled to different perks (for staking, the card game and the metaverse implementation)

Still TBD.Β 

You’ll get access to the private Dwope Club channel on discord to chat with your fellow holders

We’re aiming for a launch as soon as LUKSO mainnet at the same time for all WEASTs (Note that DWAGONs are 1:1)

It’s essentially a card game played with nfts from all 4 collections but Shhhh it’s still a secret 😜

Those are our pre-minted NFTs reserved for giveaways, team members and collabs.